Health Policies

12 December 2014
Universal Health Coverage Day >>

5 November 2014
WHO-WIPO-WTO symposium >> focused on public health challenges.

31 October 2014
Information on the ILO's role >>  and response to the 2014 Ebola outbreak.

30 September - 3 October 2014
Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research >>
(Cape Town Statement >>)

25 September 2014
Tom Murphy asks 'What about a health systems development goal for Post-2015?' >>

16 September 2014
A new OECD report 'Geographic Variations in Health Care' >> finds that "governments should do more to improve their health systems to prevent unnecessary interventions and ensure that everyone has the same access to quality healthcare".

12 September 2014
The UK's International Development Committee released 'Strengthening Health Systems in Developing Countries' >>

4 September 2014
Lawrence O. Gostin discusses the potential of an International Health Systems Fund to meet the Ebola crisis >>, in the Lancet.

31 August 2014
Jim Yong Kim (World Bank president) and Paul Farmer (Harvard University) state: "... the reality is: The Ebola crisis today is a reflection of long-standing and growing inequalities of access to basic health care. Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone do not have the staff, stuff and systems required to halt the outbreak on their own." >>

30 July 2014
An ILO Policy Brief 'Rapid Extension of Health Protection' >> was released.

16-20 June 2014

WHO Advanced Course >> on Health Financing for Universal Coverage, Nairobi, Kenya 

4 June 2014

ODI Kevin Watkins writes about 'Universal Health Coverage - but mind the equity gaps' >>

19-23 May 2014

WHO and the United Nations Foundation produce 'World Health+SocialGood' >> at the 67th World Health Assembly.

19-24 May 2014
67th World Health Assembly >>
Comments by the PHM >>

15 May 2014
World Health Statistics 2014 >> reveal ‘major’ rich-poor longevity divide persists >>

5 May 2014

The OECD released its 2014 Better Life Index >>

May 2014
Joint WHO/World Bank Group paper 'Monitoring Progress towards Universal Health Coverage at Country and Global Levels: Framework, Measures and Targets' >>

11 April 2014

World Bank event 'Toward Universal Health Coverage by 2030' >>

6 March 2014
Victoria Fan and William Savedoff wrote a Center for Global Development Working paper on 'The Health Financing Transition: A Conceptual Framework and Empirical Evidence' >>

13-14 February 2014
First G8 Health Experts' Group (HEG) meeting >> held in Moscow.

22-25 January 2014

World Economic Forum 'The Reshaping of the World: Consequences for Society, Politics and Business' >> . Discussed was, amongst other things 'Health is Wealth' >>, education and employment >>, youth unemployment >>, and future development agendas >>, global food security >>

December 2013
WHO/World Bank Discussion Paper: Monitoring Progress towards Universal Health Coverage at Country and Global Levels: A Framework >>

21 November 2013
The OECD released 'Health at a Glance 2013' >>

14 November 2013

The OECD's 'Government at a Glance' >> has been published.

16 September 2013

OECD Newsletter on Employment, Migration, Health and Social Affairs >>

13 July 2013

The UN launched a new framework >> seeking to give 15 million people with HIV/AIDS access to antiretroviral treatment by 2015.

27 June 2013
The OECD released its Health Data 2013 >>, showing that health spending continues to stagnate (press release >>).

21 June 2013
The Kaiser Foundation published 'Mapping the Donor Landscape in Global Health: HIV/AIDS' >>

21 May 2013
At the 66th World Health Assembly >>, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim >> called for universal access to quality, affordable health services. A related contribution >> comes from the Bretton Woods Project, entitled 'A healthy step forward? World Bank outlines vision for healthcare'.

31 October - 3 November 2012
The Second Global Symposium on Health System Research >> takes place in Beijing.

31 October 2012
The International Disability Alliance and the International Disability and Development Consortium have drafted a position paper 'Make the post-MDG framework inclusive of persons with disabilities' >>

31 October 2012
A report of the CSIS Global Health Policy Centre is entitled 'Improving Mortality and Other Aspects of Women's Health. The United States' Global Role' >> and written by Phillip Nieburg.

29 October 2012
The WHO and the World Meteorological Organisation launched an Atlas of health and climate >>.

27 July 2012
The final report >> of the World Conference on Social Determinants of Health is available.

21-27 July 2012
The XIX International AIDS Conference 'Turning the Tide Together' >> takes place in Washington.

11 July 2012
A related major event took place in the form of the London Summit on Family Planning >>, hosted by the UK government and the Gates Foundation.

11 July 2012
World Population Day 2012 >> was under the topic 'Universal Access to Reproductive Health Services'.

28 June 2012
The OECD Health Data 2012 >> reports a reversal of the long-term trend of rapid increases in health spending, and links this to the economic crisis. A related study 'Public Sector Adjustments in Europe - Scope, Effects and Policy Issues' >> from the ILO is also available.

13 June 2012
The Center for Global Development provides an event video 'Improving Health in Developing Countries' >>.

21-26 May 2012
The 65th session of the World Health Assembly >> took place in Geneva. Among the topics addressed were universal health coverage, the MDGs, International Health Regulation, and the WHO's reform process.

14 May 2012
An new book on 'Private Voluntary Health Insurance' >> was published by the World Bank.

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