10 November 2014
At the ILO Governing Body's 322nd Session, there emerged a decision on 'ILO collaboration with other intergovernmental and international organizations in promoting the principles of the Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy' >>

20 October 2014
The WTO released its 'World Trade Report 2014' >>

1-3 October 2013
WTO Public Forum 2014 'Why trade matters to everyone' >>

25 August 2014
Michael Clemens (Center for Global Development) argues that 'The Post-2015 Development Goals Need to Address Migration' >>

5 June 2014

Special Meeting of ECOSOC on International Cooperation in Tax Matters >>

15 May 2014

A Center for Global Development Working paper illustrates that 'Migration and Development Research is Moving Far beyond Remittances' >>

14-16 May 2014

Global Forum on Migration and Development >>
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon statement >>

10 May 2014
G20 Tax Symposium >>

9 May 2014

The ILO released a report 'Fair migration: Setting an ILO agenda' >>

28-29 April 2014

Global Experts Meeting >> on migration in the post-2015 Development Agenda 

7 March 2014

Duncan Green discusses 'Fairtrade' >>

3 March 2014

'International Migration Policies: Government views and priorities' >> was published by the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

20-21 February 2014
Twelfth Coordination Meeting on International Migration >>

10 February 2014

UNU launched the UNU Migration Network >>

29 January 2014
The ILO published 'Creative Labour Regulation: Indeterminacy and protection in an uncertain world' >>

4-5 December 2013
Workshop on 'Strengthening the Migration-Development Nexus through Improved Policy and Institutional Coherence' >>

4-5 December 2013

9th WTO Ministerial Conference >>

27 November 2013
The final report of an E-Discussion on Youth Migration, Equity and the Post-2015 Development Agenda >> has been published.

28 October 2013

'Doing Business' >>  was published by the World Bank.

3-4 October 2013
The High-Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development >> took place in New York. A related report is here >>, related data and figures can be found here >>.

2 October 2013
The World Bank's Migration and Development Brief 21 is on Migration and Remittance Flows >>.

19-20 September 2013
UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2013: Architects of a better world >>
(a related report is 'Corporate Sustainability and the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda' >>)

16 September 2013
OECD Newsletter on Employment, Migration, Health and Social Affairs >>

9 September 2013
Duncan Green discusses fairtrade >>

12 August 2013
This year’s World Youth Day >> focusses on migration.   On that occasion, the ILO organised a panel discussion 'Youth Migration and Development: Moving Development Forward' >>

18 July 2013
2013 World Trade Report >> published.

8-10 July 2013
4th Global Review of Aid for Trade at WTO. >>

8 July 2013
The OECD launched 'Aid for Trade at a Glance' >>

8 July 2013
The International Day of Cooperatives was themed 'Cooperative enterprises remain strong in times of crisis' >>

28 June 2013
Issues in International Taxation and the role of the IMF >>

25 June 2013

Migration Policy Practice (Vol III, No 3, June/July 2013) includes an article by Chris Richter 'Migration as a development enabler: Putting enablers into practice in the Post-2015 Development Agenda' >>

25 June 2013
A Panel Discussion >> about Labour Mobility and the Protection of Migrants' Rights took place during the UN GA.

25 June 2013
A UN GA special event >> focussed on labour mobility and the protection of migrants' rights

20 June 2013
The B20 Task Force announced >> the creation of a Collective Action Hub to fight corruption.

17 June 2013
The UN Global Compact submitted the report 'Corporate Sustainability and the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda' >>

13 June 2013
OECD’s International Migration Outlook >>

10 June 2013
A Blog by the Center for Global Development discusses 'A Development Agenda for the G-8 in 3 Ts' >>

31 May 2013
The Tax Justice Network >> calls for not to sign OECD model tax treaties

30 May 2013
The Human Rights Council discussed the role of the UN in advancing the Business and Human Rights Agenda >>

22 April 2013
A five-day session >> has started on migration and its opportunities for social and economic development.

25-27 October 2012
The OECD's 5th meeting of the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes >> took place.

13-14 September 2012
The second workshop >> of 'International Dialogue on Migration 2012' takes place in Geneva. The topic is 'Protecting Migrants During Times of Crises: Immediate Responses and Sustainable Strategies'.

11 September 2012
Migration Policy Practice >> (Vol. II No 4) was published by the International Organisation for Migration.

31 June 2012
A new publication by the World Bank is 'Migration and Remittances during the Financial Crisis and Beyond' >>.

28 June 2012
The International Organisation for Migration has published 'Global Migration Issues - Global Perspectives on Migration and Development' >>. The volume examines global migration and its implications for development, and explores strategies proposed by the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD).

27 June 2012
The OECD published 'International Migration Outlook 2012' >>.

12 May 2012
The ILO published 'Effective Protection for Domestic Workers: A guide to designing labour laws' >>.

10 May 2012
The OECD lauched 'Tax Inspectors Without Borders' >>, "a new initiative to help developing countries bolster their domestic revenues by making their tax systems fairer and more effective". A related comment >> by Mick Moore supports the idea.

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