Social Policy and Climate Change

8 October 2014
This year's World Day of Decent Work >> is devoted to climate change. A statement of ILO Director-General is entitled 'There are no job on a dead planet' >>

7 October 2014

World Day for Decent Work - Justice for Workers Climate Justice >>

23 September 2014
1st World Conference on Indigenous Peoples >> focused on climate change

30 July 2014
UNICEF released 'The Challenges of Climate Change: Children on the front line' >>

21 July 2014
UNRISD published 'Social and Solidarity Economy and the Challenge of Sustainable Development' >>

23-27 June 2014
1st UN Environment Assembly >> took place in Nairobi

1 June 2014
The World Bank released a report 'Climate-smart development: adding up the benefits of actions that help build prosperity, end poverty and combat climate' >>

6 May 2014   
South Bulletin 79 >> was released with articles addressing equity, climate change and sustainable development;issues of global governance (G77, China, regional (Latin America, Asia)) and the post-2015 development agenda.

22 April 2014
International Mother Earth Day >>

31 March 2014

OCHA report 'Saving Lives Today and Tomorrow: Managing the Risk of Humanitarian Crisis' >>

5-6 December 2013
An event 'How to Unlock Investment in Support of Green Growth'  >> is organised by the OECD.

15 November 2013
The 2013 World Social Science Report >> "underscores the vital contribution of the social sciences to survival in the face of climate change".

11-22 November 2013
United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP19) >>

21-22 October 2013
The Global Green Growth Forum >> took place in Copenhagen. Related statements from the UN can be found here >>

6 October 2013
The Alternatiba event >> in the French Basque region was attended by 10,000 participants.

19 July 2013
The World Bank released 'Turn Down the Heat: Climate Extremes, Regional Impacts, and the Case for Resilience' >>

9 July 2013

The UN GA establishes Political Forum to Replace Commission on Sustainable Development >>

25 June 2013

The World Bank >>  called for Europe and Central Asia to move frm 'brown' to 'green' growth.

21 June 2013
The UN GA established an intergovernmental committee of experts on sustainable development financing >>

20 June 2013
The Bretton Woods Project published 'The World Bank and the Green Climate Fund" >>

19 June 2013
The World Bank released a report >> analysing what climate change means for Africa, Asia and the Coastal poor.

6 June 2013
The OECD published 'Putting Green Growth at the Heart of Development' >>
23 April 2013
A meeting on the debt crisis took place after an ECOSOC high-level forum with the Bretton Woods institutions, the WTO and UNCTAD - "Coherence, coordination and cooperation in the context of financing for sustainable development and the post-2015 development agenda" >>

19 April 2013
"Energy, climate change an poverty top Ban's agenda on sidelines of World Bank-IMF meeting" >>

March 2013
An reminder of REDD can be found as a contribution to the Bottom Up Thinking website >>

15 March 2013
The Center for Global Development has made available a report 'Greenprint: A New Approach to Cooperation on Climate Change' >>

29 October 2012
The WHO and the World Meteorological Organisation launched an Atlas of health and climate >>.

5 September 2012

Oxfam published 'Extreme Weather, Extreme Prices: the costs of feeding a warming world' >>

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